Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I saw leela today.
I slit my wrist.


Nah, thats just our class K.T Serena went ahead and drew on my wrist using black and red pen, although it does look good :)

Thats all

P:S. These are the first pictures posted on my blog, unfortunately, very sad ones. of wrist slitting.

SAY NO TO WRIST SLITTING. Cut your jugular vein, its less painful

Friday, February 20, 2009

2 Words.

When we think of 2 words, it could mean many things, such as { Go eat, Go Fishing, Go bathe, or the ever popular Eff Off}.

Anyway, when i think of 2 words, i see these 2 words Pop into my head. Kill. Leela.
Who is Leela, for those form CHS you would now that she is the head of the English Dept.

What you all dont know is that she hates, no despises me, i know she's nice to the Form 5's and the past Form 5, don't believe me? Letstake a look at the examples of why she despises me.

Example 1.

Just a few days ago. We were doing Drovers Wife. And she asked all those who didn't read it go outside of the class and read it, then come back in, I ofcourse, had read it out of boredom but not out of interest of intent of memorizing every single paragraph,line,word, and or letter.

Guess what, out of 40 students, 33 left the class leaving 7 of us. And, our class is one of the non-responsive ones, meaning if the teacher asks a question and the teachers boring, we wont reply. Anywho, he kept asking questions about the plot, and we were forced to answer her questions.

Out of the 7 people, only 2 people were answering her questions, Wong Jun Yik and I. And because the story isnt very long, i only thought about the more IMPORTANT points of the story, not some BS about whether a thunderstorms coming. And out of the 9 points of the Plot, i got 3 wrong, and guess what.

Each time i got a wrong she gives me the condescending look with a feeling of anger in it as well and asks me with a tone of voice.

"Aaron, are you sure you read the story? If you haven't i told you to get out of my class, are you going to go out?"

And ofcourse i told her i did read the book. That was Eg. 1

Eg. 2

Just yesterday.

We were doing the Diary Of Anne Frank, and she was talking and doing about how it was during World War 2, about the fountain pen, bla bla. And she asked us to take out our grammar book and the whole class told her we passed up our grammar book. So i took out a piece of Paper from my Comprehension book to copy the 10 questions on the board.

After copying 10 questions on my piece of paper, she asks everyone to copy in the Comprehension book. Its ok, i can live with that... BUT.

She walked around and asked some people why they were doing on the paper. They had the same reason as me so she walked away. Now comes my turn. She walks up to me and her eyes literally harden and say, why are you doing in the paper.

I tell her that she said grammar just now and i had brought my Comprehension book.
Guess what she says. No points if you can guess this.

"Why are you doing the work in the paper if you have your book, your wasting paper Aaron, what is your problem".

I wanted to tell her, Whats YOUR problem. sheesh.

More and even WORSE examples coming up later, have to recall them.

P.s: I GOT A CHATBOX!!!!. Thank You Callie

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mom is finally coming around

I wait.... for what you might ask, waiting for the day my mom would watch Man U play, and win! unfortunately, she never watched Man U play, but alas, this changes today. At 11.30p.m today my mom will conquer the idea of sleeping through the match and Watch Man-U play against West Ham, it would be awesome, cause not only is my mom actually going to watch the match, she even agreed that my dad and I can make Popcorn, caramel that is, never liked that salty crap.

Anywho, i'll probably re-blog at... 1-2ish after the match and Happy Thaipusam all you indians, no, i'm not racist.

P.S: Thank you Sher,ayne for the ManU keychain, I hope you have a safe trip to Perth, God Bless! :)

P.S.S: I have no clue how to put chatboxes and all that crap... soooooooooo... :) sorry yeah

Saturday, February 7, 2009


i know this is kind of late but referring to my old post, i DID finish 4 essays in 2 periods, but i lost 2 periods of add maths, luckily i have tuition! hahah

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm... screwed

Why would i be blogging at 6:30 a.m during a school day? Because this is usually what happens everyday, i will have atleast 7 things to write about every week... but i'm just to lazy. Anyway...

Everyone knows in Form4 and 5 you need to write i dont know.... 4 essays for Form 4?. Anyway, My moral teacher, Mr.Lim had told us to pass up our moral essays after CNY Break. So i thought... cool, its okay lah, got lots of time to do work.

So i came back from singapore on Wed night, went to sleep. And on thursday, guess what i did... Halo. I played freaking Halo when i was supossed to do my work. I hate procrastination.

Anyway, all that happened along the rest of the week till last night. I was feeling sleepy and had the books right infront of me so i could do my essay, but guess what, i decided to take a nap, a harmless nap of only an hour, set the alarm, and dozed off. Thinking that i can finish 4 Essays before school, which is freaking obvious that i can.

Guess what, i woke up, the a different Song which was my phone alarm and was thinking... what the hell??? I checked my phone time and guess what. 6:00a.m ....

i'm screwed, i'll try to cram in 4 essays in 3 perios cause moral is the fourth, or i just hope that he will be away cause of the merentas desa crap which i'm not running :P

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, it seems that blogging is what everyone's talking about, so screw it, i'm gonna try it, well, i'm just gonna start my first post by seeing.... HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN I GET TO READ MY BLOG WITHOUT POSTING!