Monday, November 30, 2009

You Are Good

For the past week, i've been out everyday. Practices, KFC, NST and almost everything to do with church. Lets start.


First of all.... KFC = Kidzone Fun Camp.


Gosh, i missed my kids so much :(
It was just so good to see God impacting all the community kids and even kids in Kidzone, it really woke me up to see how the Team Teaching in Kidzone has improved SO MUCH from when i left till now.



Yeah, first time playing in the worship team on Saturday. Auditioned for Electric, in the end, played acoustic, but God is good, hehe because i'd rather play my electric when i get my pedal hahahahhaa. :). I really enjoyed it with Emmanuel, Jon Koh, Wai Sheng , Welsey, and Newton. Boy Band FTW!. Han Rick should have sung a solo though :).

Practices -

Getting more and more, but what the heck, i enjoy them. Good to see Alison back again, hehe bodoh. Jump also can hurt yourself for about a week or two. Moved the huge arse boxes from stage, talked, played, ate mee hoon.... and....


Much more happened... too tired to blog.

But lastly



Monday, November 23, 2009

I ish wanting to learn

Freaking awesome i tell you

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stop it

I can't take it, and you'rent helping at all in the slightest.

I just.... cant take it

Sunday, November 15, 2009


If only i could be at a concert like that. Awesomeness wei!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


And update, just to update.

I'm almost as good as i was, still feel kind of sick.

Got my electric guitar setup and now it doesn't go out of tune that much (Thanks Merlvyn for the tip)

Don't feel the need to spend another 350 bucks on locking tuners, hrmmmm... what else.... ohyes...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is it Worth it?

Today was the Form 5 & 6 Graduation.

I was put incharge of the performance for Datin Lim, however, the song itself wasn't very good... well, lets just say a cheeky teacher took a mic and it sounded like.... well.... ugh.

But aside from that I wanna thank the WHOLE CF, because without them, i couldn't do it.

Other than that, I also got my post for Ed-Board and i'm happy about it.

So, during today, after the persembahan and after the penghormatan i went home tired.

Here's the interesting part, this is NOT the tired where you lie down and sleep, be sore for a few days then you'll be fine. No, this is almost to the brink of exhaustion.

I came home, i slept for about 3 hours thinking i'd be okay, Lo and Behold! when i woke up, i quickly ran to the toilet to vomit.

If the world isn't wrong, one does not VOMIT when he's tired from the day.


Fatigue... eff.
Fatigue must be a really extreme tired, cause now i'm still sick and feeling like shit. ( I'm anemic, dehydated and have Thalassemia)

So i look back and think and its IMPOSSIBLE to be fatigued from today.

So looking back, i recall the musical rehearsels.
As much as i love my musical rehearsels, it always gets me tired.

Looking at it at that point of view, is my musical causing me to be fatigued and is stunting my performance in school and other activities?


Should I quit because it Isn't worth it?


Despite being fatigued and putting me under alot of strain, and even though i may not be the best, i thank god for giving me this opportunity to be in the musical. I know people have dropped out cause they can't handle it and I don't blame them, after vomiting for the 2nd time i felt that maybe i should quit the musical, cause its taking a toll on my health.

But again, i say NO, to work so hard for the last 4 months, and in 2 months i'll be able to tell myself, all the strain the dehydration, and most of all the fatigue and the sicknesses i've been through will be able to help the 1800x5 ( 5 shows) people walking in to the church broken or hurt.

Because its a church musical i kind of feel abit pai seh, cause there's nothing glamorous about being in a church musical, but as i come to think of it, i think it's more worth it to be in a church musical for free, than to be paid to do musicals outside.

So, here's the big secret.

I'm in a church musical for SIBKL called Season Of The Year.
Showdates are 25th,26th, and the 27th of Dec.

Usually, i would pick a verse and type it out but... i wont today.
Fatigue has taken its toll on me.
I've vomited twice while writing this and have rested twice aswell cause of headaches, but i feel that even through my pain and suffering, everything will be alright and be okay.
My life motto : If i'm not going to do it, nobody else will.

If i'm not willing to bust my ass trying to make the musical great, and try to juggle school clubs to the brink of exhustion and fatigue, whilst trying to overcome my inevitable blood disorders...


So i tell this to anyone who's reading this and God,


I'm not afraid cause i know my God is bigger than all of these and HIS plan and HIS will will conquer all of my pain and suffering.