Friday, April 30, 2010

Ways to get out of class No, 1

Raptai Hari Sukan is an awesome reason to do so :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And the wait goes on and on

Things are starting to get mundane :/.

moARTe, Easter Rally, Kuning stuff, all slowly stopping one by one yet i still feel so tired.

It doesn't help that these 2 idiots :

Lee Wye-Ming

Cham Jia Shen

are singing at the back of the class everyday haha, probably the only time in class i feel a sense of stupidity :).

I had lots of experiences with all these, and i'm just gonna say it. I'm too tired to organize anything anymore :S. Huge Buttock Hassle. And i still have one left, CF Camp. Thank God i'm only in games.

I think it'll be fine, that whatever happens i always have God to lean back on, and honestly, i think thats the only reason i'm still standing. Aside from Idol auditions, Class Page and stuff about Camera :S

Gah, it's been a long post. Well, my latest toy was something i bought a few months ago but i'm sooo damn happy with it. And that is!!!!

The Beta Aivin HM-100. A Korean made pedal which i can only find in Singapore. And its freaking cheap! As compared to my Korg AX3000G, this gives my guitar MUCH MUCH MUCH more sustain and just sounds more sexier and not TOO digital as my Korg sometimes does :(.

So.... should i switch to stompboxes? Gassing for a Ibanez TS9 :P

And last but not least, the best band i've played with :D Love you guys

And thats about it :)

After a long time

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dang it!


I can't believe it

You really pissed me off. Thanks